29 May 2012

Easy chic - the timeless Chanel bag

It's been a while! I wanted to share with you this photo I recently took: -

The girl slightly tipsy and the bag beaten and undone, perfect epitome of easy chic.

I love everything about this look, even down to the irreverently rolled up sleeve and the back of her jacket, accidentally caught behind her vintage Chanel bag.

20 May 2012

What I'm loving right now: Asian models on e-commerce websites

Since discovering LN-CC, I have loved the experience of perusing their edgy selection in their online shop. One thing that placed LN-CC above the competitors for me was their use of an Asian model in their photos. Being Asian myself, I appreciated the photos deciphering for me if certain colours were going to be flattering against my skin tone. Sadly, I am finding it increasingly more difficult to relate to garments as models get taller and thinner. To add to the isolation, some of my most frequented e-commerce websites like ASOS and Topshop use mostly pale blondes with a darker girl making an occasional appearance. Much to my delight, both Whistles and COS, two brands whose aesthetics fit neatly into mine, have recently started employing Asian models alongside their Caucasian counterparts in their online stores. Through having a better idea if the garments will complement me, they have personally become more relatable. While businesses have made the choice more likely through the profit incentive of accessing the Asian market over concerns about the online shopping experience, it is nonetheless a fortuitous by-product for customers like me. I hope the trend grows for high street stores especially in times to come.

First row: COS; Second Row: left - LN-CC, right - COS; Third Row: left - COS, right - LN-CC; Final row: Whistles.

12 May 2012

Today's outfit: praise for the old black sweater

Sometimes a girl finds a garment that flatters her figure, makes her feel comfortable yet simultaneously evokes her imagination. I'm not talking about an expensive dress (although how comfortable I would actually feel in a £3000 dress at any likely scenario is worth questioning). I'm talking about this black sweater, which belongs to my boyfriend that I borrowed one day. I was surprised to find that it looked rather good on me. I am reminded of East London kids wearing oversized sweaters, having rolled out of bed with messy kohl-rimmed eyes, stomping around in beaten biker boots and covering their unkempt hair with slouchy beanies. Although I am nowhere near that image, when I wear this sweater, I too feel a little rugged inside.

Jacket: Topshop; Sweater: boyfriend's; Necklace: COS; Jeans: Monkee Genes; Boots: Doc Martens.

P.S. This is the first time I or my face have made an appearance on the blog. I am not tall or thin (like many other popular bloggers), nor does my face make any attempt at being photogenic. I hope I did not make any of you cringe!